Colt S.A.A.

First Generation Colt single Action Army, Owned By
John Moses Browning, and was shipped to him in
1907. Accompanied by a Colt Letter.
13. Smith and Wesson Number 2 with Unique Trigger Guard and provenance to a
Lt.  Pickett. Inside grip is carved: "LE R. Pickett 12 - 24 - 1865".
U.S. Property Marked Colt model 1908 vest pocket. This gun is noteworthy because of the U.S.
Property marking. While many guns of this model are seen with the U.S, markings they are believed to be spurious. This
gun is accompanied by a factory letter stating shipment from the factory with the U.S. Property marking. With its shipping
box and accouterments.
Colt Model 1911 belonging to Lt.
General Alfred Foote

General Foote was a Veteran of the Spanish
American War and WWI. He was the Commanding
general of the 26th infantry Division during WWI,
and was the winner of the Distinguished Service
Medal for heroic service during the Champagne-
Marne Offensive, winner of the Silver Star for
service in the Trugny Woods. Foote’s original war
maps, bible, compass, correspondence and medals
accompany this pistol.
Colt Model 1903 General Officer's

Issued to General Floyd Edsall who was the
Adjutant general of Nevada. This pistol is
accompanied by the original issue documentation,
original holster and General Edsall’s ribbons and
service records.
Colt model 1903 General officer's

Issued to Major General Benjamin F. Taylor. Gen.
Taylor was Chief of Staff for the VII corps in
Germany, Commanding general of the 24th infantry
division, Director of Army Programs, Director of
Army Budget, Chief of Staff of Central Army
(NATO), Chief of Staff of U.S. Army in Europe and
7th Army. Retired in 1970 as a Major General.
Colt model 1903 General Officer's
Belonging to General Bennett. Author of the book "Honor
Untarnished". Graduate of West Point in 1940. Fought in
North Africa, Sicily, and landed on Omaha beach on D-day
as a Colonel of a mobile artillery Battalion. He is believed to
be the highest ranking officer to have landed on Omaha on
June 6th (although cannot be proven), and was in the first
wave of landing crafts. He was awarded the Bronze Star,
Distinguished service cross and medal, purple heart, legion
of merit and commendation medal. After the war he became
the Director of strategic plans and policy, the superintendent
of West Point, followed by commanding General of the VII
corps in Europe, Director of the Defense intelligence agency,
Commanding general 8th U.S. Army, Commander in Chief
of United Nations Command, and finally Commander of
U.S. Forces in Korea. He retired in August 1974 as a 4
star General.
1911 A1 Issued to Col. Lucardi

Col. Lucardi was a pilot in the 57th fighter group in
North Africa. He flew P-40s and P-47s. Col. Lucardi
was in the first squadron of planes to engage the
Luftwaffe in WWII in North Africa. Accompanying
this pistol is original correspondence and clear
(plexi-glass) grips known as sweetheart grips where
pictures are placed under the grip.
Colt Model 1902 Military Model

This is an early gun model 1902 Military Model with
forward cross hatched serration's. This gun was
shipped to the later president of colt (Skinner) in
1904. It has the very rare attachments for an Ideal
shoulder stock. These attachments are the same
as those found on the 1902 presented to Theodore
Documented Firearms