Post-1900 Firearms
1. Webley Fosbery

This unusual weapon, which combined features
(either good and bad) of both revolver and a
self-loading pistol was a brainchild of British Colonel
G. V. Fosbery. The basic design was conceived
during last years of 19th century, and first
production guns appeared from noted British
gun-making company Webley & Scott in
1901.Webley-Fosbery revolver used recoil energy
generated by each discharge, to rotate the cylinder
and cock the hammer for next shot. To be able to
do so, it had a two-part frame

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2.  U.S. Springfield M1D Sniper Rifle

This is an original M1D Garand. The M1D was the
designation for Garand Sniper Rifles. This one is
accompanied by its original shipping packaging,
DCM documentation and all accessories. These
were heavily used in the Korean era as a standard
military sniper rifle.
3. Original 1903-A4

This is a 1903 A4. The A4s were special receivers
used for Sniper Rifles. This feature can be seen by
the off centered manufacturers mark and serial
number on the top of the breech.

This gun has the correct M73B1 2.5x Telescopic
site (Weaver 330C), leather scope covers, and is
found in near perfect condition.
4. Stevens Trench Gun

Stevens produced two model trench guns, this is
the model 520-30 Trench Gun. The government
purchased 35306 model 520's between 1942-45 for
use as a trench gun.
5. Late Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun

The late Model 12 Trench Guns were parkerized
while the early ones exhibited a finish similar to
commercial blue. This gun is nearly unfired with
ordnance marks and proof marks found in several
places on the stock, as well as the "U.S. Flaming
Bomb" found stamped on the receiver.
6. Early Winchester Model 1897
Trench Gun

Early Model 1897 Trench Guns had 6 rows of holes
in the heat shield and had a solid frame. These
were used in WWI by the U.S. Military.
7. Later Winchester Model 1897 Trench

Late Model 1897 Trench Guns had 4 rows of holes
in the heat shield and had a take-down frame.
These were used in WWII by the U.S. Military.